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University Assistance for Solving Problems

Students are encouraged to resolve university concerns by contacting the campus office responsible for the area relevant to the complaint. If dissatisfied with the response, the student may contact the relevant area supervisor, director, department chair, or dean for resolution.

University Ombudsman Offices

Each state university has a student ombudsman office, which is accountable to the president. The ombudsman serves as an alternate resource for all students to complement other existing channels of communication. The role of the ombudsman is to serve as a resource and designated neutral party for those who may have a college-related concern or grievance. The ombudsman does not impose solutions but does identify options and strategies for resolution – providing contact with appropriate college resources or serving as a mediator, among other roles.

Each university has an established procedure by which a student may appeal to the office of the ombudsman a decision that is related to the student’s access to courses and credit granted toward the degree. Detailed information concerning this procedure is included in the institution’s catalog.