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First-Time-in-College Students

A student who has never attended a postsecondary college or university or who has attended an institution and earned less than twelve (12) semester credit hours of academic credit after high school graduation is considered a First-Time-in-College student.

The general requirements for undergraduate admission to the State University System are found in Board of Governors Regulations below. Minimum test score and grade point average requirements for the SUS are found in Regulation 6.002. Individual universities may establish higher standards than those presented in regulation.

Application Process

Students apply to the individual university undergraduate admissions office and are encouraged to apply using an electronic application. An application fee is required. Students unable to afford the application fee should check with their high school guidance counselor or university admissions office to see if they are eligible for an application fee waiver.

Universities will require students to submit official copies of their high school transcript and admission test scores (ACT or SAT). If students have participated in dual enrollment or attended any post-secondary institution, official transcripts from the college or university are also required.