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Access and Attainment

Commission on Higher Education Access and Attainment


Dean L. Colson (Commission Chair), Board of Governors 
Wendy Link, Board of Governors 
William L. “Bill” Proctor, Flagler College 
Thomas G. Kuntz, Board of Governors 
Susan Pareigis, Florida Council of 100

Click HERE to read the letter from Chair Colson announcing the Commission.

The Board of Governors Access and Educational Attainment Commission held an organizational meeting in June 2012 to begin the task of exploring how Florida can make informed, strategic choices on how best to increase the state’s educational attainment levels. The Commission– which includes members from government, business, industry and all sectors of higher education–approved its Work Plan for 2012-13. Commission member Rep. William “Bill” Proctor summarized the three major questions that will guide the Commission’s work as:

  • Are the Board of Governors’ degree projections to the year 2025 the correct numbers?
  • If the numbers are correct, in what program areas and in which regions of the state do we need to grow?
  • Which sectors and institutions should grow?

The Commission plans to meet through late summer 2013. To ensure that the work of the Commission is data-driven, a team of researchers from education, labor and business will meet regularly to provide information and analyses.

Commission’s Final Report

Supplemental Materials in Response to Questions Raised at Board Retreat, September 11, 2013


Staff Contact: 
Dr. Jan Ignash, Chief Academic Officer 
Board of Governors 
(850) 245-0466 
[email protected]

Targeted Educational Attainment (TEAm) Grant Initiative