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Transfer Students

Students who have previously attended a post-secondary institution and have earned twelve (12) or more semester credit hours are considered transfer students. Students wishing to transfer to a public university are strongly encouraged to do so after earning an associate in arts degree from a Florida College System (FCS) institution in order to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of credit. Additionally, the State of Florida maintains a strong articulation agreement between the SUS and the FCS. Associate in Arts graduates have an established “2+2” process that facilitates transfer into an upper-division program at a state university.

Transfer student admission requirements are found in the following Regulation documents:

Transfer Credit

All state universities except for New College of Florida participate in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS), a Department of Education system that promotes articulation and facilitates institutions in the use of common categorization and numbering of courses. Credit is accepted at SCNS institutions when the two institutions offer the same course, course prefix, and number. Students should be cautioned that if they change their major, the credit may not count towards their degree. The  Web site also assists with transfer of credit questions.

Transfer students intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree should take the common prerequisites for their major while at a Florida College System institution in order to facilitate ease of transfer.

Common Prerequisites

Common Prerequisites are standardized across all public universities, state and community colleges in Florida to facilitate efficient transfer of lower-level academic credit into the State University System. Typically, students will be informed of all degree program common prerequisite requirements through the academic advising process. These requirements can be found in the Common Prerequisite Manual on the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)Web site.

Additional lower level courses may be required for entry to a particular university degree program and not all prerequisite courses are offered at every Florida public postsecondary institution. Students with specific questions contact the academic department to which they are seeking admission.

Particular information about articulation between the FCS and the state universities are found in Board of Governors Regulations for Articulation.