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Strategic Plan

2025 System Strategic Plan (Amended November 9, 2022)


The State University System 2025 Strategic Plan strengthens the Board of Governors commitment to achieving excellence in the tripartite mission of its state universities – teaching, research, and public service – for the benefit of Florida’s citizens, their communities, and the state economy. The Strategic Plan is a living document that helps align the State University System’s goals with Florida’s highest economic, workforce, and research needs. As such, the Strategic Plan frames the university’s tripartite mission around three key themes – Excellence, Productivity, and Strategic Priorities for a Knowledge Economy.

The State University System of Florida has experienced extraordinary changes and shifts in recent years, as economic challenges in Florida have compelled state universities to implement innovative strategies and efficiencies to respond to both increased enrollment demands and budget constraints. These changes are reflected in the 2019 update of the State University System 2025 Strategic Plan, which was originally approved in November of 2011. Among the most notable changes, the System’s 12th university–Florida Polytechnic University–was created to focus on the production of graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Board’s Access and Attainment Commission conducted a supply–demand study of the State’s projected occupations and current baccalaureate degree production, and was rewarded with a legislative appropriation to close those gaps in degree production. The Board’s list of Programs of Strategic Emphasis was also revised in November 2013, October 2019, and September 2020 to reflect changes in workforce demands.  An Innovation and Online Committee, a Health Initiatives Committee, a Select Committee on 2+2 Articulation, and an Academic and Research Excellence Committee were created to assist in System strategic planning.  The University of Florida, Florida State University, and the University of South Florida were designated as Preeminent Universities and provided with additional funding to raise their national rankings.  And perhaps most importantly, the Board of Governors worked with the Florida Legislature and the Governor to implement a Performance Based Funding Model that has dramatically changed how the System is funded.  The Performance Based Funding Model incentivizes universities to meet the Board’s benchmarks – which are largely based on the 2025 goals in this Strategic Plan. 

The changes to this updated Strategic Plan, which the Board approved in 2019, demonstrates the Board’s commitment to the kind of strategic planning that truly helps steer the State University System in the direction of Florida’s highest priorities. Every five years, the Board will review the Strategic Plan, assess the State University System’s progress on the 32 goals in the Plan, and make adjustments, as necessary. The Board’s continued close attention to the accuracy and credibility of its Strategic Plan will focus the State University System to help Florida find solutions to the educational, economic, and societal challenges of the coming decades.

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