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Office of Data & Analytics

The Office of Data & Analytics (ODA) collects, analyzes and reports data concerning the State University System of Florida. The office is composed of two units — a team that manages the database and works with institutional staff to ensure that data adheres to the System’s established business rules, and a reporting team that provides stakeholders with summary analytics.


Troy Miller, Chief Data Officer

Benita McMillian, Senior Database Analyst | Enrollment (SIF), Retention (RET), Instruction & Research (IRD)
Erin Wright, Senior Database Analyst | Degrees (SIFD, HTD), Employees (SCD, EMPL)
Michelle Turner, Database Analyst | Admissions (ADM), Financial Aid (SFA), Finance (OB)
Liz Laurienzo, Data Quality Coordinator | Employees (SCD, EMPL, IRD), Finance (OB)
Harry Hewson, SQL Developer

Zachary Reddick, Deputy Chief Data Officer | Financial Aid (SFA), Degrees (SIFD, HTD), Post-Graduate Studies
Jianzhong Chen, Data Analyst | Admissions (ADM), Enrollment (SIF)
Elizabeth Jasin, Data Analyst | Datamarts
Bailyn Rowe, Data Analyst

Data Dashboards are available at: /resources/data-analytics/dashboards/.

For additional information requests, please go to the contact webpage.